Price List

Residential Real Estate Photography

  • Exterior/Interior Photos  $150 Includes 30+ high resolution interior and exterior photos including 1 aerial shot of property up to 2,500sqft home size
                      • 2,501-5,000 sqft   $250
                      • 5,001-7,500 sqft   $350
                      • 7,501-10,000 sqft $500
  • 2 Min Video Exterior   $175 Includes a 2 min video at high definition around the property and layout of the land
  • 2 Min Video Interior   $175 Includes a 2 min video at high definition showcasing the layout and flow of the home up to 2,500sqft in size.
                    • 2,501-5,000sqft $300
                    • 5,000sqft and higher custom quote
  • Aerial Images    $150 Includes 10+ photos of exterior of house and property allowing viewing angles of all sides of the house and a full view of the property

Commercial Photography

  • Aerial Images   $150 Includes 10-15 photos of all sides of exterior building and property
  • Exterior Aerial Video  $200 Includes 2-5 min video of exterior building from all sides with surrounding property
  • Interior Photography and Video   $200+ depending on building and space can photograph and video space – will need to eveluate on a case to case basis.

Promotional Media

  • Quoted on a project request basis and equipment used

*$.25 per mile travel charge for sites more than 25 miles away from the office located in Howell, MI

* All shoots are weather permitting and may need to be delayed or rescheduled depending on conditions the day of the planned flight. 

*If any changes to photos or videos are requested after the final sign off, an editing charge will be applied